ISO 50001 Energy

ISO 50001:2018

The ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System was developed to provide a generally accepted scheme for organizations to integrate energy conservation into their management practices. organizations around the world. Based on a consistent and sustainable methodology for identifying and implementing improvements, access is given to commonly agreed standards for implementation in all areas of activity. This standard was developed to achieve the following goals: Helps businesses make better use of their current energy-consuming assets. Create transparency and promote communication on energy resource management. Increase transparency and facilitate communication on energy resource management. Sustainable Assessment of Potential and Prioritization of Implementation of New Energy Efficient Technologies. Provide improvement programs to save energy throughout the supply chain. Encourages improved energy management to support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Enables integration with other organizational management systems such as environmental management, occupational health, and safety.

Benefits of Implementation and Certification

Companies that have organized and arranged the work of quality energy management systems are given the following opportunities. Improve your manufacturing cycle. Implement efficient energy conservation measures in a timely manner. received the consequences of these actions in the form of monetary benefits. Improves energy efficiency. Implementation of energy efficiency improvement plans by analyzing current and projected energy consumption. Implementation and application of various laws, regulations, contracts, and other requirements and obligations in the day-to-day operations of the organization. Performs an important regulatory function in climate change.