ISO 14001: 2015

Environmental Management System

This is to certify that:

Covidien LLC

15 Hampshire Street Mansfield, MA 02048 USA.

Hold Certificate No:


Isocertificate assessed and approved that the firm meets the requirements for the designated standard.


Design and Development, Production, Sales and Distribution of Sterile and Non-Sterile Medical Surgical Products and Services such as Surgical Suture Products, Endoscopy Instruments and Accessories, Surgical Staple and Clip Products, Biofragmentable Anastomosis Rings Arthroscopy Implants, Instruments and Accessories, Manual Surgical Instrument with and without Cautery, Implantable Drug Delivery Systems and Accessories, Hemostatic Materials, Implantable Wound Dressing Materials, EO Sterilization Services, Biopsy Instrumentation and Accessories, Suction/Irrigation Devices, Ultrasonic Surgical Devices and Accessories, Adhesion Barrier and Sealant Systems, Polymer Kits, Sprayer KitFlow Sources, Applicator Powered Stapling Systems, Sterilization Trays

Manager Of System Certification

Initial Issue Date: 31-Dec-2022

Validity of this certificate: 30-Dec-2023